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You'll Only Get Out What You Put In

Max Tremmel, Principal,
Max Tremmel, Principal,

Well, you've really done it.  The first step of letting help you and your business save you time and money is completed when you hit the "Submit" button on the bottom of the Registration Page.  You think to yourself that you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Now you can sit back and wait for the savings to come rolling into your lap.  This is easy, right?   On to the next phase.

So now you see how this site works and scan through it once or twice every other week to see if there are any new options that pop up.  In viewing, there are plenty of new listings, but there is nothing in your immediate area of need at this time.  You think to yourself that this site isn't working for you and use it less and less.  

But is the website not working for you, or are you not working for the website?  Here are a few more tips to keep getting positive results.


There are a  few items of importance in getting any type of positive result from, and one of them is putting in a little effort yourself. All it takes is little effort on your part to keep finding what you need.  Do you expect your business to keep growing and succeed by just waiting for something to happen, or do you do out and actively pursue projects by aggressively bidding and working for them?  The bottom line is that is an excellent vehicle that can and will help you open doors and opportunities you didn't have before, but you have to help yourself as well to put you in a winning position.


Listing every project you have whether you need dirt or a dump site can make all the difference in the world regarding results.  Sure you can sign up your business to see if a dump site looking for free clean fill pops up, but maybe there are others looking FOR free clean fill in the same area, hence an instant dump site for you.  Never take for granted that other contractors are not looking for dirt.  Getting need material is just as important as getting rid of excess.  On man's DIRT is another man's TREASURE!


I know you know this already, but is here for your benefit.  How and if you choose to take advantage of this benefit is entirely up to you.  So let me give you one of many monetary examples on how helps your bottom line.

Did you know...

that one load of dirt not taken to a pay tipping site saves the average contractor anywhere between $100 to $140 per load?  PER LOAD!  What could you do with 1..  5.. even 10 saved loads every month...  week...  even DAY!  That adds up in a Big Time hurry!  If you save only 5 loads per month, you could save your business over $6,000 per year on dumping fees alone! 


Some of the great features provided here at allow you not just to save money on moving material, but Member Classified Ad postings, along with multiple beneficial features.  Networking your business with other members is vital to getting your name out there and known throughout the industry.  Take full advantage of this part of your membership by making sure that you upload your company logo and URL address for your website, if you have one.  This way, when a potential partner, or even customer for that matter wants to know more about you, they can simply click onto your logo and it will take them directly to your company's website Home Page.  This is a fast and easy way to get more direct contacts for you and your business.  The more you name is up in lights so to speak, the more you'll get the attention you're looking for.  It's so easy to upload, even an old construction worker like you can do it!  If not, give it to your Office Administrator to complete the process.

Staying aware of the site, what it offers, and keeping your account up to date is vital to keeping you in the loop.  Stay active, and using will help reward your business with more profitable results.




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