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Max Tremmel, Principal,
Max Tremmel, Principal,

It is soon getting to be that time of the season where the urgency to get projects buttoned up, in this part of the country anyways, is becoming more prevalent.  Even at this time of the year before the snow starts to fly and the frost starts to set into the ground, you can still drive around and occasionally see those ever present cardboard signs lining the rural and urban roadways of Americana...  "Free Clean Fill Wanted", "Dirt Fill Needed ", even "Dump Site Available".  The need for free fill or free dirt, that most common of resources, is everywhere and requested, even begged for on an almost daily basis.  Dirt to the contractor, and homeowner alike is becoming, if not already, a commodity whose value is determined by availability and convenience.  Even more so, the ability for the requester to acquire this at little or no cost is and even bigger bonus.

With today's economy, consumers are tackling more home do-it-yourself projects than ever before.  That holds true with the landscape and remodeling aspects of home ownership as well.  In an effort to save money, people are making their own repairs, hammering up additions, and landscaping their own yards for a fresh new look.  Anyone that has tackled a "Honey Do" list knows that starting a project is always easier than finishing.  The initial process can be bit tedious, but when you can see the finish line in the horizon, getting things wrapped up doesn't seem to happen fast enough.  But as a home owner, you need to be careful not to rush into taking anything that comes along. 

Now, the terms "Free Clean Fill Wanted", "Dirt Fill Needed", and so on can have dual meanings, or that vaunted double edged sword effect.  To the home owner, more often than not, visions of the perfect mounds of delivered dark brown soil strategically placed throughout the yard dance through their heads, making the perfect ending to a perfect improvement.  The reality is, on many occasions, these visions of a perfect ending are replaced with the horror of unscrupulous contractors and others who really don't care about you or your yard, and have quite different plans in mind for your "job well done".  Their only concern it to get rid of the loads of broken brick, tree branches and stumps, even an occasional piece of drywall, and turn that once promising backyard into a potential landfill for the neighbors.  Placing a cardboard plea for help in your front yard is a magnet for disasters like this to occur.  It is extremely important to be sure to work with reputable contractors, and the individuals that run them, to be sure you do not run into a situation like this.  This is where is an excellent vehicle to help avoid these situations.


1.  Ask Questions

Anyone can bring you free dirt, free fill, fill dirt, gravel, or any other type of material.  They will call it whatever you want if you allow them to dump it.  Before accepting any material from a contractor or individual, ask questions.  Where did this fill dirt come from?  What type of soil is it?  Is it easy to work with?  Is there any debris in it?  Know who is bring you material, what kind, where it is from, how it will get there, and when will it arrive.  No question is a dumb question.  If you cover all of your bases, you will be much happier with the results.


2.  Work with Reputable Contractors

Make sure that the contractor(s) you work with are reputable and in good standing.  Your chances of getting a better product are much greater, along with your agreed upon scheduled deliveries.  These contractors rely on their good standing with you to tell others who may be in need of material.  The experience you have with them will be lasting to say the least.  The great thing about is that you work directly with these contractors, and make these arrangements yourself.  They contact you for arrangements so there is no guess work about the process.  No more taking a whole day to make cardboard signs, another day driving around the countryside pounding them into the ground, and hoping you don't get a pile of trash dumped into your yard.

3.  Spread the News

Word of mouth is the greatest form of advertising.  Spreading the news about a place on the web to help you get free dirt, or get rid of fill for that matter is understandably not an everyday occurrence.  But a service like is like no other on the web, offering all homeowners the option of a better choice.  The opportunity to work with local contractors with virtually no effort is just one of the benefits.  Now mind you, all arrangements are solely between the contractor and the home owner, and is only a vehicle to bring the two together.  But, as a viable voice of the industry, we here want to be sure that EVERYONE involved is satisfied  with the process, and this is just as important to us as it is to you.  It's like a new restaurant.  The happier you are, the more you will tell others.  We hope falls into that category.





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