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Dirt and Technology

Max Tremmel
Max Tremmel

It seems quite evident that the situation at hand, finding free fill, free dirt, or even free dump sites, is a growing predicament that is expanding every day.   The exodus of families, and businesses for that matter, relocating to remote locales to find their little piece of paradise is making the process of moving dirt an issue with fewer options.  Finding dump sites years ago was at times as easy a a short drive to the country, maybe talking to a farmer who wanted to level out some planting acreage, or simply buying a piece of land for your own use.  But with this expansion of suburban life, new subdivisions and landscape spotted dwellings to these areas, there is increased scrutiny of municipalities to limit, and more likely eliminate these tipping sites all together.  And more often that not, as a new and growing populous settles in, their voice for the elimination these areas grows louder.  This in turn is costing EVERYONE more to do projects such as building homes, new roads, even repairing a basement.  The bottom line is that there seems to be no end in sight.

Now this is that classic two sides of the story debate, kind of the what came first scenario...   The Chicken or the Egg?  Proprietors of these sites are upset because they, of course, have occupied these lands for years without issue, and and feel that if the new influx of homeowners doesn't like it, you shouldn't have moved here in the first place.  On the other hand, the homeowner, or homeowners residing near by didn't move out to the country to listen to trucks coming and going, or equipment leveling material for 10 hours a day.  Regardless of the political issues at hand, what are the resolutions?

Solutions for this issue thus far have been few and far between.  The construction industry, usually the smaller family established contractors, in many ways are reluctant to change their ways.  The old fashioned way of doing business is still very much alive here, hence why it's hard to teach an old dog a new trick.  Don't get me wrong, I still believe in many of those principles as well.  Honor and integrity can still go a long way in building business relationships, and many of those are still done on a man's word as his guarantee, and a firm handshake to "Seal the Deal".   But now it's time to look ahead to the future, and how everyone benefits.

The future is here and now in the form of the Internet.  The presence of technology and the implementation of it is growing by leaps and bounds in every facet of the construction world.  Networking you business, product, issues, and ideas are at the fingertips of anyone who can convey them to a world wide audience.  This is a power that every individual now has, but relatively few utilize.  So if you can do hundreds, if not thousands, even millions of different applications using a keyboard, why not use this technology to get rid of, or find needed material...  like DIRT?  

OK..  OK...  where am I going with this?  The answer to the question is COMMUNICATION, which is in turn is THE vital element to finding solutions to problems that seem to be without answers.  And yes, this even applies to moving dirt.  There are those within your own communities that may be looking for what you are offering, and have no idea you can provide it for them.  This also helps relieve the "tensions" that may be associated .  Besides, developing the right "vehicle" on your own is hard to establish, and costly at the same time.  Developing your own website to let other know who you are and have to offer is a good start, but traffic to many individual websites are minimal at best.  Along with that, using a networking website like, which ranks as the most popular and visited dirt exchange website in the world*,  helps you meet your goals is a great and inexpensive way to get solution options to your problems, and an outstanding way to communicate with others within your industry, and your community as well.  Instead of butting heads, you can work together toward mutual goals.  All it takes is a little time, effort, and of course...  communication. 


*per rankings as of 11/29/09.  Visit for more details.

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