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How To Maximize Your Membership

You see it on search engines on the internet everyday.  Searches by contractors and home owners for fill dirt, dirt fil, free dirt, free fill, dumpsites, etc.  And some of those searches, and though I must admit I would like to see more, bring those inquires to   Any business owner or homeowner who hits the "Submit" button on the registration page of did so for any number of reasons.  Those researching our site determine that indeed worth of an opportunity.  Whether it is networking your business, or saving money using our multiple dirt listings, or get a few loads of dirt to finish that pesky remodeling project, the incentives are the same...  to save you time and money.  But to maximize the benefits of using is no different that any business owner doing what is necessary to keep his company productive and prosperous.  Customers who sit idly by waiting for their phone to ring, or a contractor to offer to take their excess material from their jobsite are not likely to get the same results as those that are proactive, or in layman's terms, you only get out of it what you put into it.  Taking the initiative of using the site everyday will harbour the best results on a more continual basis.  Here are just a few simple steps to get the most out of this service.

1.  Five (5)  Minutes On Can Save You BIG MONEY!

You never know what you may miss if you don't use the services you signed up for.  When dump sites are listed, they usually move off the site as fast as they list due to the demand for free, or even close sites to dump.  How are you to know what is available when you don't check out the listings?  It only take 5 minutes to see if there is anything useful for your business that day, not only for dirt / dump site listings, but in the classified ads, finding a service needed, or any number of member features.  You may not find what you need everyday, but all it takes is one load of dirt saved to save your company time and money, which on the average costs your business $100 in dumping and cartage fees.  That pays for any number of things, including the coffee you were drinking while you were browsing through the website.  

2.  Update Your Listings OFTEN

Just as it is important not only for you and your superintendants to know where you are regarding your project(s),  it's just as vital for potential partnerships regarding your project(s).  Failing to update your listings, and repeated calls from other members who don't know your project is completed because there were no changes in your listing(s), will result in other contractors avoiding working with you all together.  If you don't have time to update, then give it to your office adminstrator to update your listings on a daily, if not a weekly basis at minimum.  Updated listing keep things moving for everyone, and make site even move effective in providing the results you need.

3.  Use the Features Provided

I've been in the construction industry for over 25 years, so I know a few things about the needs of its participants.  That's why I have put these features on the website, which is solely for the benefit of our members.  Whether you need a simple Dirt Calculator to figure out exactly how much material you need or need to get rid of, to finding the cheapest on-road fuel in your area, these features are solely for the benefit of our members.  I am also open to any suggestions to improve the site.  If you have an idea, please send them to for consideration. 

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