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DirtPail Equipment Review - New Holland C232

Work smarter, not harder, right? Having the right tool for the job makes life so much easier, and this applies in the construction equipment world as well. The proper equipment for the proper application means better productivity, safety, and more money in your pocket...

Being an equipment operator myself, I've had the opportunity to battle test the New Holland C232 in job site situations first hand. This is just my own personal observation and opinion...

The New Holland C232 is well adapt and designed for multiple job site situations, as well as good to adverse job site conditions. The rubber-track footprint is plenty wide to handle all conditions, and the 76 HP turbocharged diesel engine is adequate, but could use a few more horsepower as it tends to lag a bit to get through the tough hauls, or rough digging. Grading and back filling with the C232 is smooth, and saves plenty of hand work. Controls are standard for today's skid applications, and everything necessary to make your day easier is comfortably within reach. With no safety bar to drop down over the operator, the safety feature does not allow the machine to move until the operator “buckles up” first and the push button parking brake is disengaged. Travel is good as well, and can scurry at almost 6mph. Turning is sharp and responsive and the foot controls for the lift and curl are a bit stiff, but prefer this than too touchy, especially in tough conditions.

Overall I really like the New Holland C232, and would be a great addition to any construction company's equipment workforce. When a bigger machine is not applicable for your needs, the versatility and performance this portable powerhouse provides will pay dividends right away for many years to come.

DirtPail Rating: 4 stars    

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