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Let's Talk Topsoil

Builidng a new home, or reconstructing a yard can be a bit of a daunting task for the "Do-It-Yourselfer".  More often than not, topsoil is on site, and if so is more likely in a raw or unusable form to move and finish by hand. Completing your this overwhelming task to the satisfacton of that "other someone" in your life can be challenging at best.  When it comes to topsoil, and your relationship, these are most likely the questions that are asked:

  • Can I do this myself?
  • Screened or field run?
  • How do I determine how much topsoil I need?
  • Am I seeding or sodding?
  • How much will this cost?

We'll cover all of these questions one at a time...

Can I do myself?

Sure, you can do ANYTHING yourself if you want to, but let be realistic.  If you have a 200 x 200 lot (approximatley under 1 acre), and no power equipment such as a skid-steer, it will take you about 2-3 weeks to completely cover this area with topsoil by wheel barrow.  Now, keep in mind that this is weather permitting, and also permitting that your topsoil pile does not turn into a mudpie, and you work on this every night after you come home from work, AND weekends.

Screened or Field Run?

Let's determine the difference of the two first...

Screened topsoil is run through a shredder or pulverizer which results in a finer material which is easy to spread and move by hand.  A simple yard rake attached to the back of a garden tractor would work to smooth it out..  Make sure you have some addtiional weight on the rake for best results.  This is ideal for sodding your lot, but you can also seed it with good results.  Note that screened material is more expensive due to the process, so be preparred to open your wallet a tad wider...

Field run topsoil is just that... basically it is the topsoil from your potential foundation area and vicinity genarally pushed to the side for later use.  This is used obsiously not ideal for you, the happy home owner, to move and even out yourself.  This would require some type of equipment (skid steer, dozer, etc.) to complete the project to an optimal or home owner acceptible finish grade.  This is less expensive that screened which is better on the ol' pocket book, but you will have the added expense of equipment.  If your handy and can handle equipment, renting what you need is always an option.

How Much Topsoil Do I Need?

That's easy.  Just use our Dirt Calculator!  Enter in your measurements and it does the thinking for you!  Congrats...  for now you are a Dirt God!  Just find a local topsoil service and order.

Seeding or sodding?

This is TOTALLY up to you.  Whatever makes your boat float.  But if you want instant gratification.. sod.  Willing to wait... seed.

How Much Will It Cost?

Compare prices from local topsoil business.  Shop around and decide from there.  See if any discounts are offered for multiple loads or discounted delivery fees.

My advise...  find a small local (yet reputable) contractor that can move your topsoil in a few hours on Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  You can work out your own payment "arrangements" and have a seed or sod ready yard in no time! 

You know what they say...  Happy Wife... Happy Life...  right?

Good Luck!


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