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Contractors Looking For Dumpsites, Home Owners looking for Dirt

Bring Me Some A Dat Dirt!
Bring Me Some A Dat Dirt!

Here is the scenario...

You've got a semi-major project in the back yard that has been lacking attention since you last decided to procrastinate, which was when the snow started to fly.  You need some dirt to take care of a few unfinished craters remaining from the grove of dead trees that once was a barrier between you and civilization.

But never fear, as your" significant other" gives you the vaunted "Death Eye" look and sternly reminds you that she what's that yard finished...  NOW MISTER!

So with your out-of-the-box male ingenuity and lousy penmanship, you hastily slap together a makeshift cardboard sign sign begging for some free fill.  

After proudly stapling it to a an old fence post and hammering it into the ground in the front yard, her frown and awkward silence concludes that you're not setting a good example for the Little Mrs.  She's expecting greatness out of you Boy!  So let's start by impressing her right from the get go...  

Here's how...

List you dirt project request on and let the website take a shot at getting you the results SHE wants... FAST!  It's easy, only take a few moments to join, and best of all...  IT'S FREE!  Tell her you'll save $100's on the free dirt local contractors will be dropping of to get the job done, and make you look like the new Marvel Comics superhero...  Awesome Husband Man!

Now you can get her that new vacuum she's had her eye on, and still have enough left over for you to nab up that 52" HD flat-screen for the man cave... WIN WIN!  when it comes to dirt (and helpin' a Brother out), we've got you covered!...

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