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Pay Attention People... Lives Depend On It

Barrels means workers ahead...
Barrels means workers ahead...

As is common knowledge in the northern parts of this great land, there are two seasons that blossom every year...  winter... and construction.  And the orange flowers (a.k.a. "Barrels") that rise simultaniously throughout all areas, dot the landscape with the new rights of spring...

But with this construction resumption comes a big lack of something very important to eveyone driving on our nations highway and biways... patience.  With the rush of life on four wheels comes the  tribulations people not paying attention... daydreaming, yaking on the phone  (The WORST culprit) and other distraction causing an acute awareness defficiency of being aware of their surroundings.  And the reality of distraction leads to the end of an innocent life...

Regardless of where you live, being aware of your surroundings at 70 mph seems to be taken for granted.  Everyone is a great driver (total tongue in cheek there), able to handle any and all situations at a moments notice.  THe reality is that ,amu people on the roads are lousy drivers, mainly due to too much multitasking is done behind the steering wheel.  Hence the following statistic...

In 2013, there were 32,719 highway fatalities in the U.S., and 579 were in construction work zones.

Yes... 32,719 fatalites...

This number pales in comparison to past statistics when from 1966 to 1973, over 50,000+ died on our nations roadways EACH YEAR!

Advancement in vehicle safety features have help reduce these numbers dramatically over the last few decades, but distractions have increased dramtically as well.  

Making sure that you, highway workers, and other motorists that pass by interstate construction site projects on a daily basis are all aware of the dangers that abound will keep everyone on their toes, and home safely every day when the whistle blows.

Regardless of where you are, noone is immune from responsiblilty while traveling through, or working within a designated construction zone, or anyplace else on the roads... 

Be smart people...  slow down... pay attention... put your da** phone down... You'll get to where you're going...

Like Aaron Rodgers says...  R-E-L-A-X...



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