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Member Value with DirtPail... Getting Best Results

DirtPail Founder Max Tremmel
DirtPail Founder Max Tremmel

In an industry that is most likely the largest contributor in figuring our Nations GDP, one would tend to think that construction as a whole would be a market where a website that offers a simple way for both business and consumers to save money and time moving billions and billions of tons of dirt fill would be a good thing. 

The fact of the matter is that it is indeed a good thing, but due to the lack of these types of sites, values vary greatly from site to site.  Effective "Dirt Site" information needs to be continually updated by it's members, and must be self-policed by the member participants that are looking for the results they need. 

As happens with any site that is dependant on its members, the majority are not proactive, expecting magic to be performed at any given moment. Hence results are not obtained, frustration and disappointment sets in, and finally, echos of disappointment are proclaimed throughout the land!   

This couldn't be futher from the truth...

Value can be found on every site that offers to help the public regardless of the industry.  It all goes back to the old adage... "you only get out of it what you put into it". 

Consumers need to understand that signing up for something doesn't mean instant gradification in results.  They have an obligation to make sure that they keep their end of the bargain by being active with their listings.  It's like a dirt "blog" site and you are holding out your hand for a hand up with your "issue". 

All it takes is a little effort.  The site is there for your use, go ahead and get your hands dirty, and use Dirtpail to your benefit. 

But... be PROACTIVE for best results!


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