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Equipment Rental and Subcontracting

It may not be worth purchasing machines that a business uses only occasionally. In this situation, the options are equipment rental or subcontracting the work. Either way, any work that requires use of that machine (possibly on more than one job) should be coordinated so it can be accomplished at the same time.

Rental rates from contractors may be substantially lower than those of equipment dealers, depending on economic conditions. Contractor rentals can include the skilled operator of the machine and its transportation.

The selection of earthwork equipment depends on the type and quantity of materials being worked, as well as site conditions and available access. The hauling distance, the type and condition of the road, as well as the time allowed and the availability of equipment are other important considerations. Short-haul cut-and-fill operations may require light duty equipment only, while another operation may call for excavators, a fleet of trucks, and spreading and compaction equipment.

Charts that show equipment capacity, volume per hour, and haul distance, can be matched with the number and size of trucks for hauling to ensure that all equipment is continuously in use, with no waiting or down time.

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January 30, 2013 @ 3:09 am
Colin Forrest

Machines are expensive however by simply renting your equipment it will be easy to obtain the equipment you require as it's needed, not when you have the money to buy it. Your funds can rather be used to grow as well as develop your organization.

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