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Be Aware of Posted Roads

With a new construction season at hand, many contractors are eager to get the rust off other shovels, lube in the gears, and money flowing through their books.  The planning stages are many, and the details need to be verified that everything is a "Green Light", or good-to-go so to speak.  An when a diamond-in-the-rough like a free fill dump site is found, one of the most important details that tends to be overlooked is making sure that any road postings affecting productivity have been lifted.

Making sure that the proper route is available to move or get materials can literally save thousands of dollars in potential cartage and tipping fees, cutting into an already thin profit margin.  All it takes is a few phone calls to local municipalities or townships, or even an afternoon drive or two to make sure that when your project starts up, you can fire out of the gates to a more prosperous beginning of the year.

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