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Free Dirt Fill Options

Whether you are a multi-million dollar excavating contractor, or just a homeowner looking for a little help, the process of finding, or disposing of dirt fill can be a very costly endeavour.  Costly?... Dirt?  These two words in the same sentence may seem like an oxy-moron to most... you know, two words that don't make much sense in unison, like "jumbo" and "shrimp".  Now, add one the most favorite words in the English language... FREE... and you get an equation that seems at times, almost impossible to solve. 


There are numerous options available to get desired results, like posting a hand crafted cardboard sign for display on the local street corner with few metallic balloons is the old standby.  Maybe posting your request in the grocery store when exiting may get you a nibble or two.  The Internet is the main forum for getting results for everything that you do now.  Sites like Craigslist are an economical (free) and effective option, but that is mostly for homeowners looking for someone to stop by an take a couple wheel barrow loads of gravel off of their front yard.  But if you need a serious amount of dirt, or material to get rid of, free websites like are a great venue to move large amounts of free dirt fill fast!  Contractors are willing to work with like businesses because they understand what it takes to make projects move, hold your schedule deadline, and keep profitable.  And when a homeowner needs multiple loads for a do-it-yourself project, it's a win-win for both the contractor and homeowner.  Contractors get rid of excess material nearby without extra cartage and no tipping fees, and homeowners get the dirt they need delivered for little or no charge!

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