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Dirt... The Next Commodity?!

Let's be honest... dirt has never ranked among the elites of commodities world.  Gold, silver, platinum... all traded by brokers worldwide on a daily basis, unlike dirt, which is basically looked at as... well... dirt.  The exception to this train of thought would of course be the farmer, who depends on "Mother Earth" to supply nutrients to his crops year after year.  In a monetary sense, you could probably compare dirt to something just as abundant, like salt.  The difference being that during ancient times, it is commonly believed that Roman soldiers were at certain times paid with salt.  Imagine trying to pay someone with a big 'ol fresh bag of dirt?  Chances are pretty darn good that you'd fine yourself in your own personal recovery room at Bellevue General, with fresh linens and room service daily, after you received change in the form of a club along side your noggin.

But in the construction world of today, dirt is really starting to become more of a commodity of sorts.  Maybe not that it is worth any real monetary value, even though plenty of money has changes hands for dirt, and for getting rid of it as well, but that it actually has the ability make two opposite parties money in its exchange at the same time.  That means the giver and receiver both benefit from this transaction.  Now, we have an item that cost virtually nothing, but when you don't have enough can cost a King's Ransom. 

That word that this double edged sword represents is "fee", which applies to giving and receiving.  For a contractor to give tipping sites a fee to dump perfectly good soil is a costly choice that, with a little digging (nice pun, eh?) can be avoided at least 50% of the the time.  This also applies to homeowners looking to get a load or two of clean fill to fill in their old swimming pool or top of their bumpy back yard.  To get this pile of "Black Gold", you have to hand over a boatload of salt, or a few hundred buck, whichever is more valuable at the time. So why in the world do contractors and homeowners continually do "business as usual"?

That's where comes in.  It takes all of the work out of saving both time and money.  Let's put it this way.  If someone said they would give you $1000.00 if you gave them $50.00, would you do it?  OF COURSE YOU WOULD!  We make this process E-A-S-Y for everyone involved. 

But hey, that's OK.  You don't need that extra money your saving for anything in particular... except food... or gas... or electric... or your mortgage... or...



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