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Industry's Short Term Future in the Hands of the People

In less than 2 weeks, this great land will again be holding it's breath as it's people vote to move forward to a rebirth in how the US economy is meant to be... or step back and continue to play second fiddle to the rest of the world.  With the first two years of the Obama Adminstration now under our belts, a shift in power could and should mean new opportunities for construction related businesses, namely the small businesses, by staying in the eye of the storm, and riding out this economic hurricane.   With unemployment continuing to hover around the 10% mark, any new hope of stabilizing currency and consumer confidence would certainly mean that the infrastructure sector could be a main beneficiary of a new direction in congress.  Everyone knows that it is vital that our national spider web of highways and bridges continue to be addressed to keep commerce flowing from city to city, and people working.

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